NO more GREEN COLOURED Poolrite products they are not available anymore. Poolrite has exciting new products that replace these old designs. We have all Poolrite products and spare parts at discount prices. The CL110, CL55, C80 and 100 cartridges are available. Replacement salt cells are available for green chlorinator boxes.
The original green spa blowers, now grey, are still the best value, are self supporting on a pipe riser where some are made of soft stuff and bend over, has adjustable flow so it won’t overheat.
Since I wrote this, Poolrite had some financial problems with the result the famous products were in very short supply. The company has been taken over by Evolve and begun manufacture again. I’m hoping by April  things will stabilize. watch this space

  brand-poolriteThis was the old famous green logo 



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Qualified Electrical fitter/ Mechanic, pool and spa erectors, pool safety fencing, sales and advice for swimming pool equipment. Mostly consult on pool problems and supply equipment these days. I love my HO locos, building a 4' CNC machine, a bit like DCC

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